How it works

What to expect during and after your time travel journey.


The time travel session

One of our guides will help you choose a specific future time. Specificity is key to a successful journey. An example starting point: dawn of New Years Day, 2057.

Once you have an inkling of what that particular future dawn is like, your guide will ask you questions to bring this scene from your imagined future into focus. Together, you'll describe this slice of your future life -- what you're seeing, feeling, wearing, doing, and more.

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Your story, written and illustrated

The first souvenirs you receive are your guide's notes about your journey and a written story about your future self or selves.

If you like, you'll collaborate with your guide to refine your future story.

A few weeks later, you'll receive your future story translated into art, as a digital file. 

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Your story, in full color

Time travelers who choose the full color option receive receive full color, quality prints and digital files of key scenes from their time travel story, in addition to the other souvenirs.