The Time Travel Agency
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Visit your future self.

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Photo and animation by Molly McLeod


Time travel with us. 

We are the first and only travel agency booking journeys to the future. Your future, in particular. Our goal? Helping you visit who you might become.

You will live many lives. During your time travel journey with us, you will explore as many of your possible future selves as you like. After your journey, you will receive souvenirs from your future -- or futures, plural.

Who should time travel? 

Our time travelers book journeys with us for a variety of reasons. Some just to see what happens. Others, to reflect on a fork in the road in the present. They come from a variety of past and present experiences. All return with stories and souvenirs.

We are open to all travelers, from solo to groups.

"Time traveling gave me a sense of control over my future, which has bled over to my present."

— Anna, Time Traveler from May 2018

Seeking time travelers and collaborators.

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About us

Xena Ni has guided time travel journeys for friends and curious strangers since 2015. She started The Time Travel Agency to bring the experience of time travel to open-minded travelers all over the world.

Interested in joining as a guide, artist, or have another collaboration in mind? Sign up with the link above.